Night Tales Festival, Stretch Tent

From stretch tents built bespoke to fit your pub or venue to tents that go on tour, we provide the same level of service for each bespoke MyTent.

Before we rig your tent we do a full health and safety assessment, locate the best spots to bolt and rig and follow up with a maintenance plan catered to your needs.

While the tent belongs to you, we will work with you to keep it shipshape ensuring that your tent lasts for years to come. As part of the MyTent maintenance service we provide a cleaning and storage service for the months you don’t need it. For stretch tents erected during long periods of time our MyTent team will come and check the tent, measure the tension on the ropes and replace and update where necessary.

We recommend that you get your stretch tent cleaned once a year to maintain durability and quality protection. 

So what are you waiting for? Call us for a quote and buy a stretch tent.