Intent have innovated and added stage truss to our hire stock giving our stretch tents the ability to make live spaces that tower above the standard venue and hold capacities into the thousands.

Truss Towers

Over the last 7 years we have been working with truss to allow for larger, higher structures. Using truss enables us to use larger mushroom tops and generate more tension, meaning we can allow for bigger spans between uprights. Perfect for stage structures and large scale festival cover.

In addition to using truss towers, our inventory includes truss grids that offer versatility and strength to support production equipment, lighting, and decorations. Whether it’s creating a stretch tent venue for Cindy’s Motel at Standon Calling or providing a stylish bar cover for Jimmy’s Lodge at The Winter Festival, our truss structures enable us to innovate and deliver unique event experiences.

Truss Grids


Stretch Tents




At Intent Productions, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of event design and innovation. With the fusion of stretch tents and truss rigging, we offer bespoke installations that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression. Partner with us to elevate your festival, event, or pop-up installation to new heights.