How we are planning on helping businesses with outdoor cover.

Like the rest of the world, the Intent and MyTent family have been keeping our distance, hunkering down and doing our bit to assist in tackling this pandemic in our local community.

Whilst we are closed for the time being, we have been putting our heads together to think of how best to assist our clients and community in providing more outdoor cover for employees, customers and guests once lockdown begins to ease.


The epidemic and government response has hit the hospitality sector hard with the closing down of pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels. When the restrictions are eased, with it will come the added responsibility of ensuring that we stick to social distancing guidelines. In order for businesses to survive we will need to adapt to these new guidelines, ensuring that our workplaces are opened responsibly, with measures designed to keep people at a safe distance from one another.

Occupant capacities for pubs, venues, restaurants, retail and hospitality businesses will be reduced as a result of new social distancing measures. Expanding the occupant capacity of your business premises is possible if you have some additional space to work with. Pub beer gardens, hotel terraces, seating or queuing areas outside the front of restaurants and cafes can be repurposed or covered to provide additional space. Customers, employees or operations can be expanded into these covered areas in order to space people out effectively and provide a safer environment for people to work, shop and enjoy.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing ideas on how we can help businesses cover their outdoor space in order to help with the challenges ahead. We have a range of options available in the form of temporary structures, canopies and walling suited to many types of environment and situation. Outdoor cover, be it temporary or permanent will be high on the agenda for businesses looking to expand their capacity.


It’s going to be a difficult and challenging time for individuals and businesses to make a turnover and to keep going, and like other businesses we are focused on reacting to the current needs of our clients so that we can continue to support our staff and their families through this time.

For the moment we wish everyone a safe and healthy start to May and hope that we can all experience some pockets of joy from the amazing acts of kindness and selflessness which have been displayed in our communities during these times.

We are open to suggestions, questions and enquiries, so if there is a way in which we can help you to start planning for your reopening or reworking of your space – do drop us a line.

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