As we continue to navigate the new normal for the events industry, we shine a light on some of the partners and clients who do exceptional work in their field (and sometimes in a field!).

At the moment we know our industry is feeling the pressure from covid-19 constraints and restrictions. And, as our business adjusts working with MyTent to kit out pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels with all-weather stretch tents, we take five to chat (at a safe distance) with founder and director Victoria Swift for high-end bespoke event planner V.S Creative about her business and collaborating with suppliers and clients in the time of covid-19.

V.S Creative work with a lot of private clients – over the last year how has the private events industry changed?

Until the pandemic, I think the world of private events has expanded enormously, on a geographic, monetary, creative and visionary scale. Clients tend to be much more aware of what’s available and achievable within the scope of events, mainly due to the ever-expanding reach of social media, the growth of online research platforms and the vast growth in international travel. Which makes them more knowledgeable buyers. They no longer rely 100% on event organisers to come up with ideas or solutions, they can try and find things on their own. Which can sometimes prove tricky when justifying exactly what an event management company actually does!


Wow, so the stakes are higher than ever, as with all your clients you guys exercise a level of discretion, but please can you tell us about a particularly memorable event?

We were organising a private wedding on a beautiful island just off the coast in the South France and the client originally said they didn’t want a traditional ceremony, but then last minute they changed their mind and asked for a wedding cake. In France formal wedding cakes aren’t really that popular, so we organised a stunning, tiered red velvet cake to come from the UK. We had to take it as hand luggage on a BA flight, and very kindly the staff moved us to business class so it could be accommodated without any damage.

Fast forward to touchdown in France: the wedding required a fleet of motor boats to take us to the venue in whipping Mistral winds. The boat’s skippers were reticent to sail in the winds and we had to beg them to go ahead with the wedding. They finally agreed to sail, transporting the guests, ourselves and the said cake to the island, but as the wedding progressed the winds grew stronger and stronger. The wedding was absolutely beautiful – a huge success! But after the party had ended we had the challenge of getting the wedding guests off the island in one piece. The waves were so high! We set sail and managed to get everyone home safe and sound, but sadly on the last boat to leave, a huge swell hit the pontoon and the caterer’s tableware, the cutlery, the flowers and linen tipped the boat and went straight into the water, never to be recovered! Luckily, the cake survived, albeit leaning a little, and the couple will never forget their beautiful day.

Event planners are a little like swans, paddling furiously under the water, gliding calmly on top…. and always with a smile on our face.

Why is having a good marquee or tent important?

It’s always good to have a back up plan working in the UK! A Plan B is essential in the world of event planning. Tents must be fit for purpose: they can’t leak, fall down/collapse, catch fire easily or blow away! They can literally save an event if the weather turns quickly, allowing it to continue rather than have to stop.

How do stretch tents improve the services you provide to your client?

They provide a relatively quick, easy to install, safe and contemporary-design solution to both rain and sun cover. They do not require heavy infrastructure to erect. They do not require heavy ballast or intrusive ground anchors. They are also very flexible in terms of colour, shape and style.


To bring it back to some of the challenges the event industry is currently facing, why is it important that events industry suppliers and experts work together?

If we can ride the storm together, there will be opportunities for those that come through this, those that are strong enough to survive, think on their feet, adapt their product, service or offering to work with current guidelines, rather than against them.

A collaborative and partnership approach could also really work. We need to slightly drop the traditional barriers of competition within the industry to see how we can mutually support each other and still offer a great service to clients.

In this current climate, this has never been more true. Being able to pick up the phone to trusted industry colleagues and suppliers has been invaluable. Being able to share experiences, ideas, sound each other out and potentially try and find some solutions through this has never felt so vital.

Find out more about V.S.Creative here.