Stretch Tent FAQs

A stretch tent is a large piece of waterproof material stretched taut over freestanding poles of various heights to create the desired layout. They come in a variety of colours and are formed from a cutting-edge polycotton stretch fabric that is flame retardant and anti-microbial.

There are some similarities between a Stretch Tent and a marquee. Traditional marquees are often square, walled with plastic coated fabric, making them perfect for smaller soirees and events. Stretch tents are versatile structures that can be installed almost anywhere from pub gardens to rooftop bars and large scale festivals and events. Stretch tents can also help in built up areas to reduce sound levels whilst still making the covered area feel airy and spacious.

Yes! If you need any of the sides “walled off” as part of your layout we can take any part of the stretch tent’s perimeter down so that it runs level with the ground, giving your venue the same shelter from the elements as a marquee. For longer installations we sell walling panels. Another option is using black lycra as a temporary walling option.

Stretch tent with sides down at wilderness festival

Stretch tents can be rigged so that one side is attached to an existing structure, creating a natural covered extension of your venue, from wedding venues to hotel rooftops. This is part of our bespoke stretch tent service called MyTent.

Stretch tents can be set up on almost any surface. Grass, decking, concrete, patios, rooftops – with their size and flexibility allowing them to provide cover over pre-existing landscape features. The option of ballast weights means a stretch tent can be used even if there is no surface to embed a peg in, making them perfect for urban locations.

Stretch tent rigged at Masons Arms, Branscombe

At Intent we have pioneered an innovative ‘truss structure’ that can encompass multi-level platforms and provide shelter for large outdoor events, like Glastonbury, Arcadia, Wilderness and a wide range of large festivals and sporting events.

21m x 21m TT at Arcadia festival

The limitless design possibilities are what make stretch tents the modern choice for outdoor venue cover. For one-off rentals, we have a large variety of sizes and colours which can be matched with your matting, lighting, and heating styles. Our designers will work with you to provide the unique shape most suitable for your venue.

For the purchasing of stretch tents, our MyTent service covers the design, install, and ongoing management of your stretch tent. We produce 3D renders of your stretch tent design and offer a full suite of branding and colour options.

Yes, we will take your outdoor area and transform it using industry standard 3D sketches and technical drawings. That way you can see how the stretch tent will look in your space and help bring your vision to life.

Yes they are.

Our tents have all the relevant safety documentation and are inherently fire retardant, this means this cannot be washed off like other cheaper alternatives.

We are proud members of industry health and safety board MUTA and provide full RAMS as standard.

No, we cover the South East, South West and around the UK upon request. We provide large stretch tent structures for big festivals, pubs, bars and wedding venues nationwide.

Yes, they are 100% waterproof and the perfect covering for your pub garden or festival stage.

Stretch tents are technical structures that require training and instruction in order to rig safely.

They can do yes, our standard flooring option is ‘Dandy Dura’ a coated modern alternative to hessian matting.

No, we focus primarily on the structure only, and we work closely with production companies and festival producers to do so.

Yes, we can design stretch tents in multiple colour ways.

The Wandle Tent
The Bingham Hotel
Grand Junction Arms