Event Planners

In the dynamic world of event planning, stretch tents have emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled versatility.


Flexibility reigns supreme when it comes to stretch tents, as they seamlessly adapt to any venue or occasion. Whether you are organising a food market, music festival, corporate event, brand pop up or intimate backyard gathering, we are happy to help.

While we have moved away from the private sector, we work closely with event organisers who can act as a conduit, ensuring we can focus on what we are best at – stretch tents.

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We have a wide range of sizes and colours and have design layouts ready for you to pass to your clients. With rigging plans and visuals as standard, you can be sure that what you have ordered is what you will receive.

We supply stretch tents, truss, dandy dura matting, uplighters and fairy lights.




Efficiency is key in event planning, and stretch tents excel in this aspect with quick assembly and versatile layouts. Compared to traditional tents, they offer faster setup times and adaptable configurations, allowing organisers to optimise space allocation and design their events from the ground up.

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