Do you run a Pub or Venue? Don’t be kept out in the cold this winter.

How pubs and venues using Intent’s Stretch Tents transform their outdoor spaces and turn a bigger profit.


Cover your outdoor space with MyTent this winter

If you run a pub or venue then you know how important it is to keep your clientele happy year round. Everyone loves getting to the pub on a cold winter’s evening, but the days of sitting out in the cold under a leaky umbrella and dodgy outdoor heater are long gone. At Intent we have created a solution to the problem using bespoke stretch tents, it’s called MyTent.

Beer garden cover


Making the most of your beer garden, roof terrace or outdoor bar during the winter months can be challenging. With lots of pubs and venues splashing out on making their outdoor space a vibrant and comfortable place to while away the hours during the summer months, winter can turn that once thriving space into a desolate soggy no-go zone, except for the odd smoker lurking out the back. Now with the Pandemic pubs and venues are looking at ways of maximising their space.


At Intent and MyTent we specialise in covering tricky areas with our range of stretch tents, or custom make them specifically for a space.

We currently have over 200+ pubs and venues that use our tents for both one off events or extended periods of time for major sporting events. During the winter months our MyTent service offers long term hire over the winter months, turning their cold, wet and unloved beer gardens and terraces into warm, cosy and dry areas, complete with patio heaters, lighting and bespoke seating .

Fairy lights and stretch tents


Stretch tents are hugely adaptable and most of our clients who run pubs or venues choose to buy a bespoke stretch tent canopy from us, made to measure and designed for their space. We manufacture our tents in South Africa and fly them to HQ in London and then come and install it whenever suits you. They offer a stylish, practical and flexible alternative to your standard white marquee, and provide much more cover and insulation than large umbrellas.

Head over to MyTent to to see how we work with our existing hospitality industry clients, pubs and venues. Or contact us to find out how we can turn your pub or venue outdoor space into a thriving and inviting winter (or all year round) retreat.